Lock In A Low Loan Rate

When it comes to mortgage loans and interest rates, it is never a good idea to gamble. The best way to ensure a good rate on your mortgage is to lock in a good rate as soon as possible. Locking in a rate has no negative repercussions for you. It only protects you from market volatility.

A mortgage loan cannot be closed without a locked-in rate, and there are three main elements to take into consideration:

  • Interest rate
  • Points or fees
  • Length of the lock

Locking in a rate does not obligate you to commit to the loan until the loan is actually closed. The lock is merely a security measure designed to eliminate the risk of market volatility throughout the duration of the purchase or refinance transaction. Our standard procedure is to lock in a rate as quickly as possible.

Lake Area Mortgage and I are deeply committed to guaranteeing the best rates for each of our clients. I am proud to see my clients achieving their home ownership dreams, and I would love to help you find your ideal home. With the right financial advice, you can achieve your dreams.

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