Lake Area Mortgage & I Are Watching Rates For You


Watching Rates for You

Mortgage interest rates change daily, so we do our absolute best to ensure that you close your loan at the lowest rate possible. Even one-quarter of a percentage point can save you thousands of dollars over the life of your loan. We work hard to gain that quarter point, and are able to achieve our lowest rates based on the timing of economic downswings.

At Lake Area Mortgage, we keep a critical eye on current rates and continually compare them to the close rates of our clients’ loans. If rates drop enough that you can save money by refinancing your loan, we make you aware of it. We will send you our recommendation for how you can re-work your loan to save you the most money. This is a service we provide each day free of charge to all our clients. Once we have your loan information in our system, I’ll monitor it each day to optimize your mortgage.

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